The Battle Angel Full Conversion Cyborg Body Replacement System

By Dana Jorgensen

Battle Angel I

Ladies, are you tired of the fact that the only viable full body conversions on the battlefield are units such as the Eclipse, Enforcer, Spyder, Samson, Sheol, and Dragoon? Disgusted by all theose hard angles, masculine shapes, and total lack of femininity on the battleground? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Borgman Industries' first full body conversion, the Battle Angel!

The Battle Angel is designed for those lady solos in the world. Keep your luscious form and attractive appearance while drastically improving your combat survivability. The Battle Angel is a versatile system, the core of which was originally designed around the Panzerfaust martial arts system. Panzerfaust was designed for specific use with full conversion borgs, while the Battle Angel was designed to make optimized use of Panzerfaust. Additional built-in weapons, such as our ultrarippers and electrostatic dischargers further enhance this martial arts focus. Then, after all that, we developed the Panzerkunst varient specifically for use with the Battle Angel.

The Battle Angel has been designed with survivability foremost in mind. High-density supercarbon hexite armor gives you the shape every woman deserves and protects the reinforced hexite skeleton within. Built with nanotech, this highly efficient design still has more than enough space for the sensor suites, weapons, bells, and whistles the systems need. The Battle Angel is fully loaded for combat, with exceptional state-of-the-art optics, including interferometry for ultra-clear vision and smartgun link targeting scopes. Audio systems include military radio and an acoustical alarm system like that of the Spyder. Other sensors include Raser scanner, magnetometer, and a radar suite. All sytems are heavily shielded against electromagnetic attack and an IR Thermal dam has been added for anti-detection purposes. Finally, a 2 MU wetdrive with access link is installed to give you a safe place to store all those vital mission directives and data.

The Battle Angel isn't designed just for up-close-and-personal combat. For ranged combat, it bears a pop-up Malorian Arms 3516ETTP, which fires eletrothermal rounds with thermite cores. Also added are a micromissile launcher, a grenade laucher ( with space for an additional 2 grenades), and a leg holster for that favorite sidearm.Most important is the removable Assault Pack, which provides hardpoints and ammunition for up to 4 heavy weapon systems (2 over-the-shoulder and 2 at the waist), able to handle even the heaviest of weapons without failure.

Looking at the options list for the Battle Angel, on would think the system able to cause the most well-adjusted person to lose touch with all humanity and become a heartless psychotic mass murderer. Not so. In addition to 3 months of intensive therapy, the system includes a sheath of LifeLike ( artificial skin. This durable SP6 synthflesh is also imbedded with an entire network of tactile sensors, providing nearly the same range of touch as is available to a flesh & blood body. Wired to a biomonitor, the system will even simulate fevers and chills and the effects of physical exhertion! This system in itself was designed specifically to restore a bit of humanity to the full conversion borg market.

Finally, the Battle Angel is prepared to kill silently as well, with a spitting cobra, oral cybersnake, and slice'n'dice monowire whip in a thumb. Surely, the Battle Angel provides the female solo the status of 'combat goddess' that was until now reserved exclusively for the Dragoon, while also giving the beauty of an angel.

Battle Angel statistics
REF	15
MA	25
BOD	20 (60)

Physical Structure
Location	SP	SDP	Spaces:
Head		40	40/50	0/0 optics, 
				0/0 audio
Torso		40	70/80	0
Arms		40	60/70	0
Legs		40	60/70	0

Malorian Arms 3516ETTP: Electrothermal Thermite Core Pop-up. The nastiest weapon ever designed by Erin Malour, and designed specifically for the Battle Angel. This weapon has been redesigned for using cased ammunition and fires special thermite core rounds, causing incredible amounts of damage. It is also capable of firing standard slug ET 'practice' rounds. A speciallly manufactured ceramic/hexite barrel has been designed to deal with the insane heat stress this compact weapon system generates.

MA 3516ETTP ( P ( +1 ( J ( R ( 11D6 ( 6 ( 1/3 ( R
The weapon includes smartchipping, 3 round burst mode, 
and recoil compensation as standard features.
Normal Electrothermal rounds will do 9D6 damage.

Ultraripper Hand: This new weapon system is a serious upgrade over the now obsolete rippers, wolvers, and big ripps. The ultraripper is designed specifically to deal with heavily armored opponents. The weapon consists of a multiple staged attack. The target area of the strike is softened initially by a high temperature cutting laser which burns or melts away some of the armor. The rippers then strike, their microserrated monoblades vibrating at a rate of nearly 4000 times per second, shredding the remaining armor. The cutting lasers, which have been discharging the entire time, then cause serious internal damage.

Rules: The cutting laser reduces SP by 5. This loss is for that particular attack only rather than a permanent effect. The vibroblades then cause 3d6 damage with soft armors 1/4 and hard armor at 1/2 . If the armor is penetrated, damage carries through ( do not reduce by 1/2 for AP effect!) and the cutting lasers do an additional 1d6+2 damage as well. If the attack fails to penetrate the armor, the attack will permanently reduce the target's SP by 1d3+1. The cutting lasers are attenuated to a range of a mere 6 inches.

Electrostatic Charger:This newly developed system is an advanced power capacitor system that draws and stores power from the ambient static charge all around. The system has three modes of operation; standard, overcharge, and ultracharge. In standard mode, it generates enough power to keep all non-weapon onboard systems operating indefinitely. In overcharge mode, which is activated as standard procedure in combat situations, power is generated to power the ultrarippers and assault pack, plus enables hull-charging. Finally, there is ultracharge mode, which can generate electrical discharges intense enough to match the power output of a lightning stroke. The Battle Angel is fully insulated against the effects of its charger, and is incidentally fully insulated against electrical and electromagnetic attacks.

The assorted rules:

Assault Pack:This is a removable cyberlinked unit with an ACPA VRI unit linked to the cyberoptic Times Square Marquee system and video imager, hardwired to the optic nerves. It connects to the body at 6 points on the back to ensure stability and reduce the chance of accidental battlefield disengagement. The system has its own power supply and ammunition bins. Four powered exo-mounts with cyberlinked controls enable the weapons to be mounted and controlled while freeing up the Angel's arms for other weapons. The ammunition bins carry up to 5 magazines worth of ammuntion ! ( 500 rounds of ammunition for weapons of up to 7.62mm or 5 magazines for low ROF heavy weapons; 2 amagzines total for high ROF weapons like SAWs or Gatlings). Connections to the electrostatic chargers even allow for serious use of modified railguns ( treat railguns as small caliber weapons for ammunition capacity!!) Finally, thanks to the VRI interface, the assault pack weapon systems, which must be smartlinked for hands-free use, gain a bonus of +3 to their WA.

Battle Angel II

Already in production is the Battle Angel Mark II upgrade kit. This upgrade kit puts the cyborg out of commission for approximately 1 week as nanotech restructures and modifies the body ( braindance sessions included). During this time, the cyborg body gains about 6 inches in height and a more voluptuous shape. A small nanofactory and materials reservoirs are installed in this new space, effectively installing 'cyborg nanosurgeons'. This is a new nanotech system designed to rapidly deal with damage done to the cyborg. The system can repair up to 150 SDP and 30 SP of damage total at a rate of 1 SDP and 3 SP per minute. Damage to internal components still requires a cybertech to properly repair.

Battle Angel III

This is another form of 'upgrade' just now put on the market. It provides the Battle Angel with assault armor and additional weapon hardpoints, sort of an ACPA for cyborgs. This armor is based around a modified assault pack which is combined with clamshell torso armor. Of course, the protection doesn't stop there. With the strength enhancement of the CCPL myomer, the hardshell suit covers the entire body with yet more rigid protection. Allowances have even been made in the design for access and use of pop-up weapons and hidden storage spaces on the borg body. This suit of armor gives sufficient support to mount an additional 6 hardpoints about the body, not including the 4 on the pack! These hardpoints are located at the upper arms, under forarms, and thighs. Typically, these hardpoints can handle only lighter weapon systems, say nothing heavier than that usable by an unenhanced soldier. The forearm hardpoints are fully capable of supporting cyborg or ACPA weapon systems. Additionally, all hardpoints are wired through the VRI interface for the same WA bonuses of the assault pack hardpoints. Finally, the armor is made of orbital crystal, actually manufactured here on earth with state-of-the-art nanotech techniques. This affords not only lighter weight and superior stopping power ( SP 80 outer shell), but also allows a substantial price break.

The armored helmet is an even more shocking nanotech manufactured wonder. Its optics systems allow for lowlight, infrared, anti-dazzle, targeting of up to 20 weapon systems simultaneously, and image intensifiers. Connections even allow for the VRI to be used via HUD rather than the times square marquee. All this allows the cyborg total and instant access and control of all weapons available. But this isn't all this remarkable helmet does. Portable computers, such as the E-Book or TacStac can also plug in and interface with the HUD system and cyberlinks as well! Finally, the helmet offers a respirator to filter out harmful gaseous agents.

Battle Angel IV

The Battle Angel Mark IV Conversion kit is the latest project in this series of fashionable war-borgs, still in its final testing phase. This conversion unit takes absolute full advantage of the Battle Angel's ultralightweight hexite construction. This conversion allows you to mount a flight pack in lieu of the usual assault pack, giving the greatest possible maneuverability ever available to a borg! This unit lacks the VRI interface system, but instead allows full-fledged flight, rather than booster assisted jumps. The wings fold down for easier ground movement and the current version allows a full 15 minutes of flight on AV fuel. Newer versions, such as the hydrogen cell powerplant and nitroengine models allow even greater speeds and longer flights. This flight pack has 2 over-shoulder hardpoints, plus a single hardpoint on each wing, usable for drop tank pylons as well! This system also includes a flight+3 skill chip for immediate use in those nasty field emergency situations.

Type:             Speed		Range		Cost
AV Fuel           160mph	40 miles	8,000eb
drop tanks        140mph	175 miles	500eb per pair
Hydrogen Cell     230mph	125 miles	22,000eb
drop tanks        210mph	550 miles	3,000 per pair
Beta Nitroengine  380mph	100 mi.@380mph  63,000eb

Battle Angel Custom Suites:

At the purchaser's discretion, the following components of the base unit may be removed and replaced with other components of the purchaser's choice:

Raser Scanner, Magnetometer, IR Thermal Dam, Radar, CCPL Powerpack, Micromissile Launcher,Grenade Launcher, Flame Thrower.

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