Heresiach's CP2020 v2.1 Site

CyberPunk v2.1 Site

updated March 10, 1998

This has been on my list of sites to do. I currently have more
internet real-estate than Donald Trump has in reality. Never-
the-less, I plan to introduce some interesting new ideas into
the market. Being a big Nipponophile, many of the new things I
will bring will be "imports" from the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Seburo Nipponcorp Incorporated, a Japanese Corp on the rise,
    will make it's debut here! Starting with ergonomic-bullpupped
    weapons, this company has now branched out into cyberware,
    bioware, vehicles and other equipment!
    Updated upon new releases.

  • Are you tired of letting your players sneak into areas unnoticed?
    Well, my Random Body Function Table for Stressful Situations
    will make them really paraniod of you. Just as they should be.

  • Battle Angel full body conversions are available through this site.
    Not my work, but done by someone much like me. Kudos to the
    author, Dana Jorgensen!

  • For the Oregonian 'Punk, Portland, City of the Roses. Now
    you too can experience the second coming of rain, as the Pacific
    Northwest was hit with drought for so long.

  • Though the Missorshades Darkly, an adventure for use in
    Portland, but easily adaptable to any city.

Until then, practice what you preach!

--Heresiarch, Freelance Solo/Rocker, Edgerunner and Media